1. Twice daily dogs are fed, walked, and kennels cleaned. Each shift averages 1-2 hours, depending on how many dogs are in residence. Feeding volunteers choose their schedule. There are usually two volunteers per shift.

2. Walk a dog, or two, or three! The more exercise and socialization the better. Stay as long as you like! We have trails through the woods for dogs and walkers to enjoy.


Opportunities Include:

Without our dedicated volunteer group, Red Barn Rescue could not care for the dogs as we do or save so many. Volunteering is heartwarming, sometimes heart-breaking, but always rewarding. The daily wags of appreciation will make volunteering worth your time! Due to insurance requirements, volunteers that handle dogs must be at least 14 years old. 

If you would like to come hang out at the barn, volunteer or assist with our efforts, contact us at: redbarnrescuepups@gmail.com

1. Kennel repairs, carpentry, washing food bowls, cleaning crates, general property maintenance, whatever comes up!

Direct Care for Dogs:

7. Transportation.....We frequently have dogs that need a ride to or from local vet appointments, or rides to safety out of a shelter!

Red Barn Rescue

3. Foster.....Open your heart and home to a dog! Fosters learn about foster dogs' personality and house manners. They house train and are instrumental in placing their foster dogs in permanent homes that they select. RBR covers food and medical expenses. 

4. Medical fosters.....Medical fosters care for dogs post spay/neuter or other surgical procedures. If you can give vaccines or sub Q fluids, you could help us tremendously.

5. Grooming/bathing

6. Dog training or socialization
.....The dogs can never have too much love or training!

Volunteer with us and be part of the solution!

Red Barn Rescue


Clayton, NC

Necessary Evils!: