Red Barn Rescue

Red Barn Rescue

​​Red Barn Rescue knows that good manners are the key to a speedy AND successful adoption for each dog! 

Goal #2: Our dog walks beside you--not in front-- with a loose leash.

Tip: Hold the leash behind your back and let your leg do the work. If a dog pulls, make a quick reversal to help him refocus

​Goal #1: Our dog greets you politely & safely.

Tip:  To prevent escape & gain control, approach dogs with a quiet, calm voice and confident manner. 

Goal #3: Our dogs gain confidence & purpose through agility practice.

Tip: To work the dog’s mind and body, have the dog repeat the run a few times...then celebrate with affection!


Red Barn Rescue volunteer and dog trainer, ​Amy Beshgetoorian, kindly shares some tips to help volunteers give our rescue dogs fundamental skills that prepare them for their new lives as beloved pets.  These tips will also help new adopters build that foundation as the dog transitions from rescue into their new home and family.


Goal #4: Dogs feel safe & gain confidence when they know their boundaries.

Tip:  It’s okay to sternly say, “no” to who are testing your leadership by pulling & jumping. Try stopping & waiting for the dog to relax & pay attention to you.

Clayton, NC

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