Our Mary is an English bulldog mixed girl.  She looks like she belongs in a Disney movie.  Mary is very sweet and affectionate.  She will need to have a fenced in yard as she likes to explore, run and play. Mary is waiting for you in Clayton, NC.





Speckles is a 2 year old Pointer mixed girl. She is very sweet and affectionate. Speckles is always wagging her tail and happy to see you. She walks well on a leash and gets along well with other dogs at the rescue. Please apply to meet Speckles!


Helena needs a loving home because she has tons of love to give. She is a gentle 4 year old Lab mixed girl. Helena is mature at 56 pounds and has a black and white coat. She is super sweet, affectionate and desires human attention. It was a little difficult to photograph Helena because she spent most of the time on her back waiting for her favorite thing, a belly rub. That is all Helena wants for Christmas! She was well taken care of by her previous owner. However, her owner's cats were less than impressed as they grew weary of being chased. So her owner and the cats thought it would be best for Helena to have a different loving home. Are you that person? She hopes so.


Baron is a one year old Border Collie / Husky mixed boy. Though he looks like a Border Collie, he has a very calm, quiet demeanor and low energy. Baron is very affectionate and just a wonderful dog . He is mature at 45-50 pounds. He gets along well with his buddies at the rescue and walks very well on leash. We think Baron would be an excellent adoption choice for a family with children. 


​"Elvis has left the building." The shelter building that is. Now he is wagging his tail at Red Barn Rescue! Elvis is just about a year old and a very sweet puppy. Energetic, affectionate, and comical, this Pointer mixed boy is always ready to play. Elvis is waiting for a forever building . . . your home!

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Red Barn Rescue

Red Barn Rescue


​Lil Bit

​Evelyn is a 2 year old Beauceron mixed girl. She has a short black coat with brown highlights. Evelyn is super sweet and affectionate. She gets along well with other dogs. Evelyn walks super duper on a leash. She stays by your side with little to no pulling. Evelyn loves to make new friends and impress them with her tricks. She weighs approximately 40-45 pounds. This beauty has a calm, gentle demeanor and would make a wonderful family member.



Meet tall, dark, and handsome Shadow! Shadow is 77 pounds of playful, lovable,"I really want to please you but I'm still a big puppy and sometimes I get excited" energy! 

Shadow loves ALL dogs, ALL people , all toys. A quick learner, he sits and fetches, loves affection and  belly rubs. He is rapidly improving on leash, but because of his size and exuberance will need a strong owner to walk him until his manners are perfected. Shadow is so good hearted, and with a little patience and consistent training he is going to be a fantastic pet.... one of the "once in a  lifetime"  incredibly special dogs. He is always happy. He is not vocal , we have never heard him growl and have never seen him be snarky with other dogs. He is always ready for the party!
Possible a Border Collie /Great Dane, he is a gentle giant. At nearly a  year old, we assume that he is grown. He is full of joy and will add lots of laughter to your day if you have room for him to bounce out his energy  then stretch our for some snuggling. We believe a fenced yard will be important for his safety and exercise needs. If you have the right home for this beautiful dog and will invest some time training him, you will be rewarded with a wonderful companion.

Shadow is healthy, neutered, microchipped, HW neg and on prevention, vaccinated and ready to meet you! He is fostered in Clayton at Red Barn Rescue. Apply to adopt him at RedBarnRescue.com. (Dogs are introduced after applications are approved)

Lil Bit might be petite, but she has a big, bubbly personality. She liked her photo session. Lil Bit is ready to please and loves to give and receive kisses. She has a rich brown, short coat. This playful young lady is just the right size and weighs approximately 25 pounds. Lil Bit is about a year old.  We think she is a Lab / Chesapeake Bay Retriever mixed girl.

​Chi Chi

Chi Chi is a Chow and Shepherd mixed girl. She is mature at approximately 40 pounds. This teddy bear  is two years old, very loving, and great with people. Not so much with other dogs and cats. She wants to be the center of your universe, so it would be best for Chi Chi to be the only pet in her family. Please apply to make her part of your family.


​Lanton is a one year old Redbone Coonhound / Chesapeake Bay Retriever mixed girl. She is mature at 40 pounds. Lanton loves neck rubs. Her somewhat curly chestnut coat and amber eyes makes this girl particularly beautiful. Lanton walks well on a leash and gets along well with other dogs.

Laverne is a beautiful Australian mixed girl. She is approximately 4 months old and weighs 25 pounds. Laverne has green eyes and a medium length white coat with tan patches. She is currently being fostered in a wonderful home. She gets along well with her foster canine siblings. Laverne is shy but is gaining confidence each day. She will need a patient, quiet family to adopt her. 

Meet King. King is a 1 year old Lab Chow mixed boy. He is mature at 35 pounds. He likes other dogs and is very sweet. He has a thick but short apricot colored coat. This boy's tail is always wagging. He loves to take walks and walks well on a leash. Please consider making this Teddy Bear part of your family.

Available Dogs

Clayton, NC

​Phoenix is a handsome one year old Shepherd mixed boy. He is mature at 45 pounds.  He loves all dogs and walks well on a leash. Phoenix loves to give and receive lots of kisses. Phoenix would make a wonderful addition to your family. He is very sweet boy.